Up coming: “Cross the Line”

Exhibition: "Cross the Line"
Penetrate Asian Market and Step onto International Stage
Date:  24th May, 2017 -  6th June, 2017
Organised by Asia Designer Communication Platform Joint Exhibition
At 2nd Floor Sombatpermpoon Gallery
The exhibition is organised by an important international design organization, Asia Designer Communication Platform, also known as ADP.
The ADP is an international association for addressing the interests of the design community and promoting design as a whole. It is also the first cross- spectrum design association with offices in Hong Kong,
Sydney, and Amsterdam.The exhibitors feature the most celebrated and talented international designers, and the design fields include architecture design, interior design, industrial design and graphic design.
 The exhibitors include Argentinean Interior Designer Alexander Lotersztain, Jury of Interior Design Excellence Award; Interational Award-winning Dutch Architect and Interior Designer Camiel Weijenberg;
Irish Graphic Designer Conor Clarke, frequent jury of different design awards; Japanese Architect Hajime Tsuruta, who won American architecture Prize; Interational Award-winning Taiwanese Interior and
Industrial Designer Janus Huang; Thai Architect Yarinda Bunnag, who designed Thailand Creative & Design Centre and The Jam Factory in Bangkok; Interational Award-winning Taiwanese Interior Designer
Timmy Chou, Japanese Graphic Designer Kazuhiro Sakamaki and and many others.