"Color Identities" by Kititkong Tilokwattanothai
Exhibition “Color Identities”
On view till - 31 March 2017
Artist:  Kititkong Tilokwattanothai
Curator: Pongpan Runghiranrak 

Like all of us, the artist has many responsibilities he has to undertake, and many roles he has to play. These many roles are the inspiration for ‘Colour Identities’. In ‘Colour Identities’, the artist has chosen the mediums of colour and shapes to express his experiences in playing the varied roles and responsibilities that constitute his life. The emotions that have resulted from these experiences are the inspiration behind his latest works, articulated in the fluidity of the narratives he has chosen to express his word with. In this exhibition, the artist worked feverishly and freely when struck with the inspiration over the course of year, only reflecting on his work and contemplating the reasons behind these instinctual expressions, then using these works as a means of searching and himself. Kitkong Tilokwattanotai was born in Lampang. He received B.F.A (Printmaking) , Faculty of Fine Arts. Chiang Mai University and Master of Art, The University of New South Wales,Art and Design. He’s a founder and Managing Director of Chiang Mai Art of Paper ( C.A.P) the studio aims to support and promote the art of printing. C.A.P invites artists form various mediums to experiment their works on print. The Studio collects over 20,000 print works and is currently located in Nimmanhaemin, the heart of Chiangmai art scene.



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