by Kraisak Chirachaisakul The exhibition is a collection of hand-carved prints using mezzotint printing Technique by Kraisak Chirachaisakul.  Kraisak's work has been inspired by H.M.King Rama IX and the royal family for over 10 years. The exhibition will include some of his well recognised and international awards winning works and some which have been kept in the drawers without anyone seeing them since the date of completion. Not different from the expressions, "I was born in the reign of H.M. King Rama IX” or “I desire to be born as his subject in every future incarnation”. Kraisak has chosen the methods of making hand-carved prints (intaglio) consisting of 2 methods considering as ancient methods that take a long time to do each piece of work and considered to be a conservation which go against the fast flowing and hustle of the Thai society's and of today's world. In addition to confirming the above concepts and save the work of printed image to benefits further studies; this will also express the love, feeling and attitudes towards graphic arts and the important persons in the pictures as well. We express our gratitude and thanks to H.M. the King and Queen and all members of the Royal Family, to all brothers and sisters, teachers, instructors and all friends worldwide who are gracious, helpful and encouraging to the artist. May the arts of Thailand and of the world be progressive and flourish forever. 

"Unforgettable" 2 December - 31 January 2019