"July 14 - September 14, 2010 Sombat Permpoon Gallery is delighted to present WisamunYOGA by Wisamunmuang Sitthiket, a photography exhibition.Sitthiket, a renowned contemporary photographer translates softness, freedom and beauty into erotic photography."WisamunYOGA means unusual yoga Forms who flow with passion and dance to melodies of shutter speeds. Features that move along with the sound of heart beats, resonating rumbles from the earth crust through their bones as wave trembling through their nerves" , Wisamunmuang Sitthiket Wisamunmuang Sitthiket was born in Nakornsawan and graduated from The Collage of Fine Art in Bangkok in 1979. His work has appeared in numerous magazines including, Model Magazine, Cute Magazine and Max Magazine. In 2007 Sitthiket, a freelance photographer and owner of Wisamun Studio launched Wisamun Workshop where he teaches in unique nude photography classes.

by Wisamunmuang Sitthiket